FlowFlex About Us

We were the first online company in the UK to bring a COVID-19 rapid antigen lateral flow test kit that could be used at home removing the dependency for laboratory testing and/or supervision by a medical professional.

We supply a range of lateral flow tests to the general public including bulk orders for corporates, the NHS, and government departments, along with wholesale supply for sub distributors.

We have now expanded our range and able to offer the latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic lateral flow testing.

We are proud to announce the release of the latest Flowflex range including the new Monkeypox rapid antigen lateral flow test kit which sits alongside the new FlowFlex Influenza rapid antigen test kit which identifies both the A and B antigens.

We pride ourselves on protecting the public and are recognised to be the industry leader in the supply of lateral flow test kits, making available new self-tests to be used at home; we continue to develop more tests to allow every person to be in control of their health and to protect others.

We supply to various NHS Trusts, businesses across the UK; we have many overseas clients including foreign governments. We have a proven track record having entered the testing business at the start of the U.K. lockdown ensuring supplies were provided during this key period when tight restrictions were in place ensuring communities and frontline businesses could operate fully whilst keeping staff safe and preventing further spread of the covid infection.

We have a robust supply chain from the point of manufacture which means we are one of a select few who hold a 100% track record fulfilling orders.

We invite you to browse our range which is offered in different formats, single pack, 5 pack and the 25 multi pack both with self-test and/or professional use certifications.

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