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Our new Monkeypox Virus Antigen Rapid Test is the latest in the range of our popular and reliable Flowflex test kits now available for purchase by all. To detect infection and prevent spread testing is essential part of managing and detecting infection.

Monkeypox is a viral disease, the outbreak continues to spread and in some parts of the globe, including the UK is close to being announced formally as an endemic. It is passed on by coming into close contact with Monkeypox blisters or scabs, touching infected garments, bedding, towels as well an infected person coughing or sneezing close to you.

Our test is a lateral flow test for the qualitative detection of the Monkeypox virus antigen which can be obtained through a saliva sample, plasma or serum sample or a human lesion exudate swab. Whilst the kit is available in three formats namely single pack, 5 pack and 25 multipack formats, the test is also available in two configurations according to sample preference.

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Our test has a fast turnaround time 15-30 minutes for results. Depending on the preference of the sample being used, the accuracy is as high as 98.57% to 100%.

The Flowflex Monkeypox Virus Antigen Rapid Test kit is CE marked for professional use therefore is designed to be administered by a registered medical healthcare practitioner. Our test is fast, reliable and accurate and easy to use with step-by-step instructions provided so it is easy to follow for anyone administering the test.

Using the test configuration of the saliva swab, the administrator is recommended to insert the swab to the back of the nose in order to collect the sample. The sample is then mixed with the buffer solution and the liquid placed into the well of the test cassette and the result will develop showing the result within 15-30 minutes.

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