MHRA APPROVED Rapid Covid-19 Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kits


Latest Technology Low Level Nasal Only Swab Test Ensuring Easy, Fast and High Accuracy Results

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Flowflex Influenza A/B Rapid Test Kit

The Flowflex Influenza A/B Rapid Test Kit is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tool designed to detect the presence of Influenza A and B antigens directly from a nasal swab sample. It’s a proven way to quickly identify flu cases in just 15 rapid minutes and take appropriate measures, minimising the spread of infection and protecting public health.

Key Features:

1. Rapid Results: With the Flowflex Influenza A/B Test, results are available within 15 minutes, enabling prompt decision-making and treatment.

2. Easy to Use: No special training or additional equipment is required. The test can be performed and interpreted anywhere, anytime.

3. High Accuracy: The Flowflex Influenza A/B Test uses lateral flow immunoassay technology, offering high accuracy of 99.67% in detecting Influenza A and B antigens.

4. Comprehensive: This test is capable of identifying both Influenza Type A and B, which are the most common strains of the virus.

5. Safe and Convenient: The kit includes all necessary materials for the test, ensuring a safe and convenient testing process.

The Flowflex Influenza A/B Rapid Test Kit is approved for self-testing and is CE marked, confirming its conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards within the European Economic Area.

Stay proactive in managing your health with the Flowflex Influenza A/B Rapid Test Kit, a crucial tool in the timely detection and control of influenza.

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