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FlowFlex Monkeypox Virus Antigen Rapid Test Kit
The Monkeypox virus antigen rapid test kit is a lateral flow chromatography test to determine the presence of the monkeypox virus antigen in human lesion exudate swab, saliva swab, plasma or serum. This is a professional use test so must be administered by a registered healthcare practitioner. The practitioner must follow the instructions for use which set out clearly in a step by step easy to digest manger how the test must be administered.
FlowFlex monkeypox virus antigen rapid test comes in three formats, namely the single packet, the five pack kit and 25 pack kit.
Results can be obtained within 15 to 30 minutes.
The test is offered in two distinct configurations  depending on preference as to whether a saliva swab or lesion exudate swab is used.
Alternatively another test configuration we offer is where a preference is to collect a serum or plasma sample for testing.
Where the sample is collected from a lesion exudate swab the accuracy is 100%.
Where sample collection is through a saliva swab, accuracy is at 98.57%.
Where sample collection is either serum or plasma the accuracy is 98.57%.
The FlowFlex Monkeypox virus rapid antigen virus test Is the latest in the FlowFlex range so quality assurance is guaranteed with fast effective and accurate turnaround for results.
The test is CE marked for professional use only and is MHRA registered.

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